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BASIC BOOKKEEPING:    starting at $190 per month


Includes:    Bookkeeping service for small LLC/Sole Proprietor, Sorting of Data, Financial Reports, up to 1-2 Bank/Credit Accounts, e-filing and payment of Sales Tax (TPT) returns and  personalized service and care. 

                    Add-on's:  One-time Set-up Fee                        $75

                                      High Transaction Account                $50
                                     Additional Bank/Credit Account        $20

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BASIC PAYROLL:    $40 (Per pay date, if Bi-weekly schedule**)


Includes: Payroll service for small LLC/Sole Proprietor (1-10 employees), Payroll Register Report with payroll deductions, printing of checks OR Direct Deposit (available), Federal Tax Payments (EFTPS) included and personalized service and care.   

         Add-on's:  Check Order (500ct)                  $80  

         Quarterly Forms                                         $35 each 


         Additional Employees                                 $2 each

** Weekly and monthly payroll service is available

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